2017 Bitterroot Celtic Games & Gathering

The 2017 Bitterroot Celtic Games and Gathering was held in Hamilton, MT, this past weekend with pipers and drummers from Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Washington participating in the event. The solo piping and drumming competitions were coordinated by Jesse Callender with assistance from Rob Lynn, and a number of MPS members competed in the solo piping competitions held Saturday morning.  The results are listed below.

If you weren’t able to make it this year, we hope to see you there next year for a great weekend of piping and drumming at what has to be one of the nicest venues in the country!


Solo Drumming
151 - Grade 5 2/4 MarchWilliam Baillie1st
Solo Piping
101 - Beginner 2/4 MarchRussel Chamberlain1st
161 - Adult 2/4 MarchFred Freeman1st
141 - Grade 4 2/4 MarchDeborah Cole1st
Allan Chamberlain2nd
Ursula Melinda Eyra3rd
Christopher Kieres4th
Robert Spetz5th
Rod Douglas6th
142 - Grade 4 PiobaireachdChristopher Kieres1st
Ursula Melinda Eyre2nd
Allan Chamberlain3rd
Robert Spetz4th
Rod Douglas5th
143 - Grade 4 6/8 MarchChristopher Kieres1st
Allan Chamberlain2nd
Ursula Melinda Eyra3rd
Rod Douglas4th
131 - Grade 3 2/4 MarchKim Davidson1st
132 - Grade 3 Strathspey & ReelKim Davidson1st
133 - Grade 3 PiobaireachdMaureen Wallace1st
Kim Davidson2nd
Top Overall Solo Drummer:William Baillie
Top Overall Solo Piper:Christopher Kieres