2023 BCGG Order of Play

We are happy to be able to post this years order of play for the Bitterroot Celtic Games and Gathering a few days early this year! This order of play is subject to change, so please plan on being at the games and checked in at the Montana Piper’s Society tent before 9am!

Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning!

Solo Piping Judge 1

Event #GradeEventCompetitor Name #TimeStart Time
143Grade 46/8 MarchChris Kieres10469:00 AM
143Grade 46/8 MarchIain Morrison10369:06 AM
143Grade 46/8 MarchPorter Jacobson10769:12 AM
143Grade 46/8 MarchArla Defield10969:18 AM
143Grade 46/8 MarchMaureen Wallace10069:24 AM
133Grade 3PiobaireachdHart Greenwood106209:40 AM
133Grade 3PiobaireachdChris Kieres1042010:00 AM
142Grade 4PiobaireachdMaureen Wallace1001010:30 AM
142Grade 4PiobaireachdArla Defield1091010:40 AM
142Grade 4PiobaireachdJames Beaudreau1101010:50 AM
142Grade 4PiobaireachdGary Hurst1111011:00 AM

Solo Piping Judge 2                                                                                                  

Event #GradeEventCompetitor Name #TimeStart Time
161Adult (60+)2/4 MarchHenry Littlehales10169:00 AM
164Adult (60+)S&RMaureen_Wallace11669:06 AM
164Adult (60+)S&RHenry Littlehales10169:12 AM
131Grade 32/4 MarchHart Greenwood10669:18 AM
162Adult (60+)Slow AirHenry Littlehales10169:24 AM
132Grade 3S&RHart Greenwood10669:30 AM
141Grade 42/4 MarchChris Kieres10469:46 AM
141Grade 42/4 MarchIain Morrison10369:52 AM
141Grade 42/4 MarchMaureen Wallace10069:58 AM
141Grade 42/4 MarchPorter Jacobson107610:04 AM
141Grade 42/4 MarchArla Defield109610:10 AM
141Grade 42/4 MarchHarold Deen108610:16 AM
141Grade 42/4 MarchJames Beaudreau110610:22 AM
134Grade 36/8 MarchHart Greenwood106610:28 AM
144Grade 4Slow AirChris Kieres104610:44 AM
144Grade 4Slow AirIain Morrison103610:50 AM
144Grade 4Slow AirMaureen Wallace100610:56 AM
144Grade 4Slow AirArla Defield109611:02 AM
144Grade 4Slow AirJames Beaudreau110611:08 AM

Solo Drumming Judge 1                                                                                          

Event #GradeEventCompetitor Name #TimeStart Time
241Grade 42/4 MarchTom Hamming112610:00 AM
241Grade 42/4 MarchBob Luceno102610:06 AM
241Grade 42/4 MarchAmy Foster Wolferman113610:12 AM
242Grade 46/8 MarchBob Luceno102610:18 AM
311Grade 46/8 MarchAmy Foster Wolferman1051010:24 AM
311IntermediateMSRStacey Bradley1051010:34 AM
421Novice2/4 MarchTyson Peissig114610:44 AM
312IntermediateH&JStacey Bradley1051010:50 AM