The Montana Piper’s Society was founded by Jesse Callender in August of 2016.

The goal of the Society is to improve and promote the playing of the Great Highland Bagpipe and Scottish drumming in Montana.

By offering in-state workshops taught by professional level musicians, the Society will to provide a cost-effective means for Montana’s pipers and drummers to receive additional tuition provided by quality instructors, at a reasonable price, and in a local venue.

By hosting recitals and concerts, the Society will provide the opportunity for Montana’s pipers and drummers to hear accomplished musicians from out of state, as well as show case our own local talent.

By holding solo competitions, the Society will provide an event where our Montana pipers and drummers can demonstrate their abilities, and find motivation to continue to practice and improve.

A steering committee was created in November of 2016, and is currently composed of Jesse Callender, Maureen Wallace, John Avenski, Tony Wall, Rob Lynn, Tom Campbell, and Kelly Foster.